Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good Book, One Big Balloon and Rest

Well this wasn’t the most interesting weekend; I had most of it to myself. The kids and DH went down to Roanoke, VA for a speed skating meet. The youngest DD came home with two first place finishes and one third place finish. Oldest DD didn’t fair as well but the coach was pleased with her form and expects that she’ll continue to improve. The next meet is in December and it’s local, which means I’ll be able to attend!

Yesterday morning I started reading my next book club book; it was One False Move by Harlan Coben. It was as good as every quote plastered inside and outside of the book. I finished it this afternoon. I admit that was my plan because I am in the middle of reading Eldest and I wanted to be free to finish that and move onto reading L.A. Bank’s Vampire Huntress Series.

I woke this morning on the couch with my dogs sleeping around me. I got up and made coffee, took the dogs out to potty and then fed them. About two hours later I dressed and took them outside to play in the back yard and this is what I saw in the sky. Balloon
One lonely hot air balloon (more photos in recent photos two).

I finished a 400 page book, took some pictures of a balloon and played with my dogs not all that interesting but restful. Until next time good reading and writing!


  1. Sounds like my kinda weekend. Curl up with a good book surrounded by the furkids and napping along the way. Very relaxing.

  2. caught up. been on a blog diet during the busy semester. i'm reading your blogs and keep thinking of DH Lawrence. couldn't read it any other way. i must be tired.

  3. LOL! Most of the time it means dear or darling husband for me ;-) I need to catch up on blogs and update mine.