Monday, April 28, 2008

Books and Blog

Last Thursday I had hoped the big dryers in the basement
would be gone, but alas the basement was still wet. It didn’t and doesn’t look
wet but underneath the surface was off their meter so the ServPro people will
be back today to check. Our washer and dryer survived the water so I’m doing a
week worth of laundry today. Hopefully the last four days with the dryers
blowing in the basement did the job and they’ll pack them up.

I finally finished Devil in the White City! Oh my, this book bored me to tears. I found the attention to detail over the
top. While details are needed I really didn’t need to know how many times they
poured a foundation. I really didn’t need to see lists or read the details of
permits. It’s finished and thanks goodness. Next book club book is Water for
Elephants and it was a wonderful and beautiful story! I can’t wait to discuss
it next week.

My girls and I are gearing up for summer! We’re going to blog
about our efforts to green our home and life. We’re going to plant a small
garden and do it organically. We’re also starting a compost bin and we’ll also
be using worms to compost our dog’s poop. Greentastic, No More Plastic ~One
Family’s Path to Creating a Green Scene will debut soon.

Until next time good reading and writing!

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