Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finally! My Green Friendly Family Room

I finally have the after photos of my family room ready!
Though I still have one wall next to my TV that I need some kind of art work
for, what I did photograph will give you a good idea of what the DH and I
accomplished. On the walls we used Freshaire’s Slender Reed (Eggshell). We
installed new four inch white baseboards after we installed the spice colored
bamboo floor.

The art on the walls was moved from my bedroom. I figured
I’d enjoy it more while I was awake. I reused and painted some cube shelves I
was no longer using in our closets. I painted them a green apple color that
I pulled from the new formaldehyde/chemical -free rug. I plan to add a few
plants and maybe an orchid or two, I only hope I don’t kill them with my brown
thumb. Below are the photos-





Close up of the bamboo floor.

I’m in the process of repurposing the smaller black bookcase
in the before photo. I repainted the outside with left over Freshaire paint and
added doors. I’ve painted the doors the same apple green as the cubes. I have
one more coat of green to add and then I will fill my new bookcase turned
cabinet with small kitchen appliances I have on my counter. I’ll post a photo
when I finish the last coat of paint.


This past week I finished reading book 21 and 22. Both were
on the subject of going green. The first Go Green, Live Rich by David Bach was
a quick and interesting read and different because he used his money sense to
show the reader how to make money from the green changes we make. Book 22 was
called The Green Parent, by Jen Savedge and it’s a wonderful resource for anyone
but especially for parents or someone just starting to make the switch.

I’m still wading through Devil in the White City,
I don’t want to forget about it but I am tempted to drop in my yard sale pile. The
next book for my book club is Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen, I have 100
pages left to read and so far I have loved every single page! WFE is definitely
in the running for my favorite book of 2008.

Until next time good writing, reading and DIYing!


  1. Your room looks great. I love everything you've done.
    I was wondering if I should get Water for Elephants. You just made my mind up. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, Lisa :) I just finished the book and it will definitely be on my tops list for the year!

  3. Oh, looks great! Come do my house? :)

  4. Thank you, Laura! I'd love to come do your house I'll paint but you have to clean ;-)