Saturday, May 17, 2008

29 Books in 20 Weeks

We’re 20 weeks into the year and I just finished reading my
29th book! I’ve been trying to add the books to my recently read
list on the right but it’s not working at the moment. So I’ve updated my Book a
Week page.

The next book for my book club is the Piano Tuner; I was
totally disappointed in this book. If you want a history of Burma then go for the read. I
expected more story and less of a history lesson. Not a book I’d recommend. I
apologize to my book club for suggesting it. Our next two books are Friday
Night Knitting Club and The Girl Who Stopped Swimming.

May 14th my girls and I posted our first blog
entry on Greentastic, No More Plastic and today my 15 y/o wrote her first post,
a review of Burt’s Bees skincare.

Until next time good writing and reading!


  1. Wow - so many, many books!

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