Thursday, October 22, 2009

College Night

Last night I felt my age. I don’t feel
almost 40 but last night I was knocked on the head with the fact that my oldest
is a junior in HS and looking at colleges. Yes…we went to our first college
night. Daughter and I were a tad disappointed, only a handful of the colleges
and universities she’s interested in attended.

She checked into Bridgewater
and Mary Washington, George Mason, UNC at Greensboro
all of which were on her list. She stumbled into the path of a Wake Forest
rep, liked what the representative had to say all the while DD’s Dad and I
almost fell over at the 52K year tuition. Between financial aids, scholarships
and so on she could go but it’s still sobering to see that price tag.

Daughter still needs more information from University of Vermont,
Univ. of Michigan
and MI State, Princeton, George Washington and
a few other smaller schools I can’t remember. If she were to attend a MI school
she could live with her GP’s and after a year claim residency to get in state
tuition. The husband and I plan to make arrangements with the GP’s to visit
above schools, but for now getting on their mailing lists is the first step.
Some of the above schools are already in contact with DD because of her PSAT
scores and current GPA. Yippee! Right, this is all good. Is my excited mood going to change the closer she gets to leaving? I didn't cry when she went to kindergarten so that means I won't break when she leaves for college...right?

I guess there are worse ways to feel your age and having a
kid that’s almost the age of consent is one of the better ways.

Until next time, live well now.


  1. If you visit a collage in MI, we have _got_ to meet. UM is right down the street from us.

  2. i had to wait a year in ohio when my mom moved. ah college. can i go, too?

  3. Definitely!I've already made it known to DD and DH :)

  4. You have to wait a year in MI too. It'll be worth the wait for her as they have her intended major.