Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaNo Day One 2009

NaNo has started and I’m 2500 words in. That’s ahead of the
suggested daily word count to get 50K by the 30th. However my goal
is to write 3 to 5K a day. Today my goal is to get at least 6K or more. I have
two days this week where I’ll have daycare children from 6:30 am to 6 pm. I’m
not sure I’ll be able to squeeze any writing in because they are school age and
do not nap. I might be able to squeeze some time in if they all settle enough
to watch a movie, but there’s always one or two that would rather play board
games or do something else. My goal is to get 15K by Friday each week and only
write on the weekends if absolutely necessary.  Good luck to all the NaNo’ers.

I’m taking a break from my writing to do this blog and to go
grocery shopping. I should be making a list. I still have a few things to get
for my NaNo time. These are must haves for me. Here’s my list-

  1. New
    cool roller ball pen (still need)

  2. New
    spiral bound notebook (2)

  3. Coffee 

  4. Music 

  5. Candy
    (Candy Corn is my fave this time of year) 

  6. Fuzzy warm

  7. NaNo
    T-shirts from previous years. Clean and ready to wear 

There’s probably more but I’ve been awake for a while and
can’t think past my main character Lucy. She’s knocking on the front of my
skull. She wants out so it’s back to writing for an hour and then off to do the

Until next time, live well now.


  1. Best of luck, can't wait to read some of Lucy's story.